Maxi Taxi Singapore

Provide fleet of 9 seater and 13 seater .

Why Maxi Taxi Singapore ?

The answer to all journey needs. We provide best services to make your journey more comfortable. Bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed services.

Maxi Taxi is known world as large taxi with huge space for luggage with plenty of room for luggage to transport groups of up to 13 people together. For those after that little bit extra, consider our First Class service for the epitome of style and comfort – perfect for special occasions.

When do you need to hire a Maxi Taxi?

Hiring a minivan is a common practice by many drivers especially if we are thinking about the holiday season. With the great booking conditions and fleet that we have to offer makes Maxi Taxi Hire a Cab one of the best choice in the market.

In many cases, choosing to hire a taxi  minivan is the best option. A good example is when travelling with friends, with or without the family. Why waste time with public transport when a group of friends can all travel together, share the costs, and travel in comfort? Why spend more money using two or three cars when you can save on your trip and travel in just one?

We guess that you think a maxi limo is an  not affordable luxury. That is not true, we offer the best prices in Singapore. You will be surprised how reasonable our Limo prices are.

The best solution to experience an incredible road trip, free to stop when and where you want is now possible thanks to the hire of a large cab.


13 Seater Maxi Cab

13 Seater Taxi Singapore is a perfect transport for large groups families, event, team building and ect. People carriers executive mini van or bus are for thirteen passenger who simply enjoy the extra space on long drives.

9 Seater Maxi Cab

9 Seater Taxi is a 10 seater toyota minibus converted to 9 seater passenger van. Whether you have a large family or are transporting a group somewhere, our 9 seater minibuses ensure you will have all the space you need. When you hire a 9 seater minibus you are able to avoid the hassle of using public transportation and it is more cost and fuel effective than your group travelling in smaller vehicles.

What are the advantages of a maxi transport minivan?

If you are looking to embark on a journey where comfort and ease is of utmost importance, then the best choice is to hire a  minivan, especially if you are going on a long journey with family or friends. Want to make a saving on your holiday? Do you have a lot of luggage and sports equipment? Our spacious minivans are the best option to make the most out of your holiday.

Shared Transfer Services is affordable being from person and provides a cost effective way to commence or complete your visit to Singapore City.

Share transport is a best for family, group or team building. Moreover, no compromise with the services is allowed. Our limos are even very good if you want to arrive at the Airport in a luxury vehicle. What can better demonstrate prestige than a shiny limo?

All our limos that we offer are available for you to travel any time you need them. You can find a large variety of different limousine models depending on the occasion.

The most desired tourist trip that offers is around the West End and Westminster. There you will see the most attractive tourist attractions in Singapore.

We can offer you all the popular models of limos. You have to decide what model will be appropriate for you event.

The a great, fun way for them to travel and really enjoy together is parents. Don’t forget the parents.

Our 9 and 13 passenger limousine is an elegant way for both sets of parents to travel around together. This vehicle is perfect for family usage when you need to carry along you personal belonging for a long drive.

 This brand new limousine caters for some of the smaller bridal parties. No longer the need to pay for, or get lost in those big 10-12 passenger limousines. It is also very handy for when your ceremony and reception center is all in the one place.

 You can find a smaller variety of different limousine models depending on the occasion.

7 Seater Maxi Cab

Large 7-seater maxicab are ideal for growing families that need to fit three child seats across the back comfortably, plus the added versatility of a third row.

6 Seater Maxi Cab

6-seater maxi cab offer families with four children a solution to the common problem of fitting in more than five passengers.


Maxi cab has an elegant interior, plenty of room, extremely comfortable meeting the needs of groups traveling.

Our Maxi Taxi

  • Fully air conditioned and heated providing comfort to all your group no matter the season.
  • Perfect for airport and corporate transfers.
  • Plenty of room for luggage.
  • Plenty of room for long and bulky item


Below are video of services Maxi Taxi Singapore provide.

ADVANCE BOOKING (Guarantee Luxury Limousine)

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