7 Seater Maxi Cab

The Largest MPV / SUV  Taxi in Singapore. Branded 7 seater Taxi with its handsome styling with large spacious cabin space

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You may not need a seven-passenger SUV all the time, but when you need one, you want the best seven-passenger SUV you can get. The top choice and the most reliable partner for businesses.Here’s our pick of the best seven-seat cars on hire for a big family, including the best MPVs and SUVs with seven-seat exclude driver.

In the past, if you wanted a seven-seater, you had to kit out a van with multiple seats, or you got an estate with a pair of occasional rear-facing seats that folded out of the boot floor. But things changed with the arrival of the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). The MPV was pioneered in the eighties The Viano sports a striking appearance from every perspective. Regardless of whether you opt for the comfortable Viano, the elegant Viano AMBIENTE or for the new, dynamic Viano AVANT  may give you dirty looks when you creep up on their bumpers in the HOV lane, but packing seven passengers into a full-size SUV. Think about it, you take up less room than multiple vehicles

Family transport comes in all shapes and sizes, but a seven-seat car is an ideal choice for anybody who has a family that’s bigger than average. It means you can have family days out where everybody can come along, while the very best seven-seaters aren’t just able to carry passengers, they have useful storage and plenty of handy features to make the most of the space they have to offer. For big families, the seven-passenger is rivaled only by the minivan for passenger-hauling chops – and the SUV leaves the minivan in the dust when it comes to style and driving experience.

These two offered the boxy dimensions of a van, but with the mod-cons of a car, with fully carpeted interiors, folding and sliding leather-covered seats, and enough space for a family inside. At first, they were five-seat only, but after a while, they grew to include a third row of seats exclude the boot that faced the same way as the rest of them.


The Black and the white 7 seater Limo features include:

  • 7 passenger – 3 in the 2nd row and 3 last row back, plus one in the front if required
  • 2 large flat screen TV’s
  • Stereo CD, including iPod, USB and bluetooth connectivity
  • Rear vanity mirrors – for those last minute touch ups
  • Dividing screen – for those wanting more privacy
  • Gorgeous black/tan leather interior
  • Subtle, yet classy interior lighting

The difference between the two is the Taxi sign at the top.


Maxi Cab Seats

Maxi Cab Seats position for passenger is as such, 6 in the back plus 1 in the front if required), black Mercedes V-class limousine.  This is a stunning elegant limousine and the only one of its type in Singapore.  Whilst others are going bigger, Limousines recognized a niche in the market for this smaller limousine.

Luggage Space

To make sure you can get all your passengers and both large and small reach their destination with complete peace of mind, we have devised a coherent and holistic safety concept for the Viano. It is based on a safety body with a high-strength passenger compartment accompanied by a host of sensible safety components.

Now you know hire a 7-seater Maxicab ?

  • Plenty of space for passengers and luggage
  • Ideal for families of 5 with parents or large groups
  • A spacious interior provides additional comfort for all passengers.
  • Only cost you less than $8 per person
  • Cost Saving Transport
  • Need not to hire 2  number of Maxi Cab
  • Need not to hire 3  number of Regular Cab
  • Higher seating positions brings better visibility on the road ahead.
  • Seats dont have to folded down to provide more room for luggage
  • Safety features


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