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Here’s our pick of the best six and seven-seat maxi cab for a big family, including the best MPVs



7 Seater Maxi Cab

Branded 7 seater Taxi with its handsome styling with large spacious cabin space

6 Seater Maxi Cab

Branded 6 seater Taxi with its handsome styling with small spacious cabin space

Family transport comes in all shapes and sizes, but a six and seven-seat car is an ideal choice for anybody who has a family that’s bigger than average. It means you can have family days out where everybody can come along, while the very best seven-seaters aren’t just able to carry passengers, they have useful storage and plenty of handy features to make the most of the space they have to offer.

In the past, if you wanted a seven-seater, you had to kit out a van with multiple seats, or you got an estate with a pair of occasional rear-facing seats that folded out of the boot floor. But things changed with the arrival of the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). The MPV was pioneered in the eighties by the likes of the Mercedes, Alphard or Vellfire.

These three offered the boxy dimensions of a van, but with the mod-cons of a car, with fully carpeted interiors, folding and sliding Leather-covered seats, and enough space for a family inside. At first, they were five-seat only, but after a while, they grew to include a third row of seats in the boot that faced the same way as the rest of them.

It took a while for other manufacturers to twig that the seven and eight-seat MPV people carrier was a market to get into, but they eventually came to see the demand was there. The Vellfire and Alphard came with seven seats, while Mercedes versions of the Viano and V-Class are all Eight seaters.

But these days, you don’t have to limit yourself to an MPV for a seven and eight seat layout. If you’re feeling adventurous, then the Maxi Taxi still plenty of van-based Minibus that can offer up to thirteen seats on a budget, while some larger van derivatives have eight or even nine seats available.

Welcome to Maxi Cab Singapore, the leader in the luxury transportation service. We invite you to visit our various range of vehicles, which throughout the years, have clearly satisfied our clientele. Our exceptional service, offers you an ultimate satisfaction, therefore insuring a performance of a superior and distinct quality.


Maxi Cab First Class and Business sedans, SUVs, and mini-buses  in Singapore offers sleek sedans and attractive vans for individuals and groups. Booking a limousine service is simple through the accessible website and smartphone app. Whether a trip is planned months in advance or at the last minute, our rates are declared upfront before scheduling, including all taxes and fees, so that passengers do not need to worry about any hidden charges. The passenger does not have to worry about pulling out credit cards or cash en route to destination, as all payments will be processed using the registered credit card or cash after the ride. Maxi Cab Singapore also makes it easy for businesses to handle travel arrangements for their employees and keep billing straightforward in either monthly or individual statements, whatever the company’s preference. Book with our Limousine taxi alternative today for a reliable car service in Singapore.

Our highly-skilled drivers will meet passengers as scheduled at any of these, at any time. Drivers carefully track the passenger’s scheduled flight and will wait at the gate in the event of a delay, personalized pick-up sign at the ready. For those leaving the city, the driver arrives at the designated home, hotel, or office in time for passengers to make their way through airport security and baggage checkpoints before boarding their plane .


Our Chauffeur

Our uniformed chauffeur, on arrival, will start your occasions in style. All the chauffeurs we employ are highly trained and experienced. They are expected to be flexible and discrete and speak a variety of different languages to help you during your visit. As we understand that your time may be of the essence, we can plan your visit precisely to ensure that there are no delays or complications.

Since we started we have provided the best service possible to private clients, businessmen, companies, agencies and event organizers from all over, ensuring their visit was conducted with comfort and finesse. Please feel free to contact us to enquire about our services and prices and to let us help you make your visit to Singapore the most comfortable one we can offer.

These vehicles can be rented on an hourly basis, used as a shuttle service to and from events and exhibitions or solely for a transfer from A to B. We provide airport services to and from all the airports .


About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to set the standard for excellence across the hire car industry for high quality limousine and corporate car services at affordable prices and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our No1 goal is to provide the best quality limousine service to maintain outstanding reputation in Singapore offering the local finest fleet of limousines in Singapore paired with the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Not forgetting your special day such as your wedding where you want to make your dream come true riding in a fancy Wedding Limousine with professional services , corporate trip requiring professional Limousine services, night out Limousine rental,  birthday party Limo, you can feel safe choosing us because we can provide you with excellent service, quality, and competitive rates which will leave you standing with your mouth open wide, and your jaw dropped.

MyLimo Singapore is passionate about limousines, and is actively seeking to improve its business wherever possible. Each company employee holds a wealth of experience, gained through working with a huge variety of clients, which allows company colleagues to provide each client with an unforgettable experience.

Maxitaxi is consistently well reviewed for its professionalism, for its reliability, for its safety- but above all for the way it provides each customer with a luxury experience for a fraction of the price.

Question : Are the hire rates and pricing different for advance booking services ?

Answer :The pricing is the same for current or advance reservation, however additional time might be required for current booking If no maxicab is not around your area,

If you reserve in advance or wish to be pick up at specific time, our chauffeur will be at the pick up 15 early. Not to worry of the waiting, our driver is always early.


Question : Do you have Maxicab without Taxi sign ?

Answer : Yes we have. Below are picture of the limo Maxicab.



The answer to all journey needs. We provide best services to make your journey more comfortable. Bookings at any time, approximate to accurate prices and ensures guaranteed services.


Reliable company and Cooperative team

  1. One of the larges fleet in Singapore.
  2. Provide fleet from 6 seater, 7 seater, 9 seater and 13 seater .
  3. Able to provide transport within 5 to 20 minute
  4. Fast and Easy Booking System Simply contact us by text message or via whats up for enquiry or booking .
  5. Affordable Costs at All Types of Vehicles. Prices are fixed without any hidden cost. Taxes, tolls ,fuel all included in your fare
  6. Provide clean luxury vehicles for comfortable trip and go the extra mile to ensure that you are fully satisfied.
  7. Well attire ,friendly ,professionally licensed and English-speaking chauffeur.
  8. Early for pick up giving you the peace of mind for a smooth, stress-free ride. Driver will be there 5 to 10 minute early.
  9. Free 15 minutes’ of waiting time for all transfer .
  10. Pay to driver after you have completed your ride.
  11. No advance booking fees.
  12. No cancellation fees. One Hour before


ADVANCE BOOKING (Guarantee Luxury Limousine)

Always Book Maxi Taxi In Advance. No Hassle, No Booking Fee,

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